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What is technology?

A brief description of what and why we think it is very important for the community to understand and be motivated by!

For something name-checked so widely throughout our society, the exact which means from the phrase technology isn’t that well-known. Technology is so frequently positioned in conjunction with the phrase science that many think of the two as the exact same. Some equate technology purely with gadgetry while some believe somewhat hazily of all of the issues which make the present different from the past.

In a research and improvement organisation such as ESA, technology is really a concept of main importance, so by necessity the definition of the word is precise: ‘technology will be the sensible software of knowledge so that something completely new can be done, or so that some thing can be done in a completely new way.’


For a good shorter solution, attempt the single attribute that defines Homo sapiens as a species: our capability to make and use new resources. The majority of the human physique is fairly unremarkable truly when compared to other animals: it was just the tool-making skills of our mind and fingers that carried us from Africa’s Serengetti plain towards the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility.

Individuals make tools to be able to do tasks they can’t or else achieve – engineering is actually defined as ‘the utilization of technology to solve particular technical problems’ – and so it is at ESA.

Technological development is classed as among the Agency’s primary ‘enabling activities’ – together with this kind of endeavours as launcher style – simply because its fulfilment enlarges Europe’s overall scope of motion, permitting researchers to better explore area or established up systems this kind of as communication or navigation satellites that place area to work for us down on the ground.